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Royal Canin - Canine Cardiac 410g

Royal Canin - Canine Cardiac 410g

SKU: RC-2915900 & RC-2916000

Formulated to help support heart function.

!!!Discount price & easy storage packing for 12 cans in a tray

CARDIAC is a complete dietetic food for dogs with chronic cardiac insufficiency formulated to help support heart function. This diet contains a low level of sodium and an increased potassium/sodium (K/Na) ratio.


Vascular Support
Polyphenols contribute to vasodilatation and help neutralise free radicals.

Early Renal Support
The Cardiac diet has a moderate phophorus content taking into account the associated risk of chronic renal failure.

Electrolyte Balance
Sodium restriction reduces workload on the heart. Potassium and magnesium levels are adapted to optimum clinical levels

High Taurine & L-Carnitine
Taurine and L-carnitine are essential for myocyte function and they also enhance heart contractility.

***Please consult your veterinarian for further information before use of product.