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Royal Canin - Recovery for Dogs/Cats 195g x12 cans

Royal Canin - Recovery for Dogs/Cats 195g x12 cans

SKU: RC-2881300T

Complete dietetic feed for adult dogs and cats

!!!Discount price & easy storage packing for 12 cans in a tray

RC develops tailor-made nutritional programs designed to provide the best suited response to dogs’ specific needs.

For dogs under treatment, we have developed a range of dietary foods which takes into account the risks associated to the dog's main pathology (renal insufficiency, food intolerances, oral hygiene, digestive, hepatic, or urinary disorders, joint mobility, obesity, recovery…).


RECOVERY is a complete dietetic feed for dogs and cats, formulated to promote nutritional restoration during convalescence or in the case of feline hepatic lipidosis. This feed has a high energy density and high concentrations of essential nutrients which are highly digestible


Tube feeding
Hepatic lipidosis

- Adapted energy content to facilitate the nutritional management of dogs or cats during critical periods

- The texture of Recovery makes it easy to use in syringe feeding and enteral tube feeding

***Please consult your veterinarian for further information before use of product.