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Royal Canin - Feline Diabetic 1.5kg

Royal Canin - Feline Diabetic 1.5kg

SKU: RC-3906015010

Formulated for weight loss in cats, Satiety Weight Management is designed to help reduce hunger.

Feeding Duration: 
It is recommended to feed DIABETIC for the cat’s lifetime.
Although feline diabetes may be reversible, nutritional management helps reduce the risk of recurrence.


Moderate Energy 
A moderate energy intake promotes an optimal body composition and minimises insulin resistance associated with being overweight

Gluco Modulation 

Mixing cereals of low glycæmic index (barley, corn) in conjunction with the gelling action of psyllium mucilages reduces postpandrial hyperglycæmia


High Protein 
A high protein content helps reduce the net energy supply and also ensures a prolonged and progressive glucose supply (gluconeogenesis)


Joint Support 
The chondroprotective elements (glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate) play a role in minimising the associated risk of joint disease in the diabetic cat which is often old and/or overweight

***Please consult your veterinarian for further information before use of product.

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